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Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rico, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Anybody out there fished this lately? Thinking about going this week end. Havent been there in 25 years. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
  2. Rico, I'm not sure about Winona, but Pike Lake has been pretty good off and on, I've also heard some good fishing has been found on Chapman.

  3. rico you can call a bait shop around there and they can tell you if they ar catching any think or not. I haven't fish Winona put Terry Martin a friend at church fishing there and catches some good walleye. Good Luck
  4. Thanks for the info men!:bowdown:
  5. Winona is pretty weedy this year..... did well on cranks where you could actually chuck 'em and work em. Any weed edge is good for largemouths, haven't had a whole lot of luck with the walleyes. This spring was really good for gills though.
  6. North side of Pike is very weedy as well...however, the south side is not a problem at all for either crankbaits or trolling.

    I've heard of some very nice walleyes being taken in Chapman, could be worth checking that out.
  7. Quail we need to get with Dew and check it out.
  8. Heading out here in a bit. Will make my report when I get home. Moma wants some walleye!!!!
  9. When?

    Hey Tuck, you went and jumped in with the first guy that showed you a super tricked out boat with all the bells and whistles and headed out for Erie, leaving us working stiffs behind. How are we supposed to check out Chapman when we haven't perfected Pike yet and you floating around in Ohio???:bonk:
  10. No walleye to be found. Gave up on them and started fishing for gills. Fire831 and myself brought home 22. Not great but better than nothing. Pretty weedy, but that wasnt as bad as the skiers. Good thing I wasnt drinking or I might have lost my temper!:mad: Just got ready to leave and the CO showed up. That made 'em all throttle it back a tad!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rico,

    I've discovered the best time for Winona is very early (pre dawn), or very late (post dusk) During the day, not only do the skiers make fishing nearly impossible, but the crazy pontoon boats will run right over you!
    My son and I were nearly T-Boned last summer by a 30ft Sweetwater with 8 people onboard! We were anchored on the southwest side right at the drop, flipping cranks up onto the flats in broad daylight... it was like a scene from National Lampoon's vacation, me and the kid were yelling waving our arms, and about to jump...:banghead3

  12. Will certainly keep this in mind the next time I go!!!!!
  13. Thats when ya grab the heaviest lure ya got and a good stiff pole, and give em a heck of a headache to think about for next time. Or at least give a good hookin to think about.... Them kinda ppl really get on my nerves, and make me wanna do things to them I shouldn't.... :bash:

  14. That is what I like about Summit skiers to be found. At Tri-Lakes the skiers only get the water certain hours of the day.
  15. It reminds me of Caddy Shack....."Your boat scratched my anchor!!"

    Rodney at his best.....