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Winter plans?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Treehugger1971, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Now that deer seasons coming to an end or most have tagged out, whats everybodies next move? I plan on some ice fishing if the weather ever allows. Open invite to some big crappies and gills if you guys are ever in the central area, look me up.
  2. Pull my bow back out and start the 3-D season.

  3. I plan on trying to get out as often as time and schedule allows to do some coyote calling and other coyote hunting, and some coon hunting as well. I need to do a few winter projects like replace the fork seals on my motorcycle. Replace the MC on my old huntin truck and if I get a wild hair i'll even yank the motor out and see why i'm getting blowby... Other then that it's work work work work work work work work work work workl...

  4. A little bird hunting, coyote hunting and count down the days until Turkey season starts. If we ever get some fishable ice around here, I plan on doing some ice fishing also.
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  5. Still going to go after a couple of does with the ML and the bow. Doesn't look like much ice fishing over Christmas. I'll be heading north to ice fish if this year is anything like last.
  6. Try to call in and shoot my first yote and wait for the ice so I can get some icefishing in.
  7. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Goint to try to finish the deer season out strong, really want to do some ice fishing for the first time, and if we ever get some snow i would like to get a few miles on my sled this year!
  8. still trying to fill one more tag seen a small doe this evening
    gonna icefish if we get ice
    shooting bow already
  9. Still hanging with the bow until they tell me to stop. After that, head to florida and get reaquainted with golf clubs. Come home and start shooting things with new muzzleloader. After that, talk Tree in going after muskies and by then it will be shead time.
  10. Hope to get out and kill some 'yotes with dleslie, meet up with pigeon for a hunt, get all my hunting gear organized and squared away for next year, straighten up the tackle box and get it ready for spring, ice fish if we ever get ice, and listen to oldrookie talk me into going Muskie fishing again!
  11. can't teach a rookie

    Did you guys see how he skipped over the mushroom hunting????
  12. I still have a couple of doe tags to fill hopefully I'll get one this weekend.
  13. mushrooms

    quail....I am up for the way, how do you shoot a mushroom?:help:
  14. I hope to get atleast one more deer and I'm excited about getting the range and flinging some arrows with Tine Lock.
  15. contemplating calling\shooting some coyotes...

    rabbit hunt...maybe ice fish...

    wait to see if santa brings me a new toy for christmas:biggrin: