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Wireless Remote Callers

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by BRICH60, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I Am Thinking About Upgrading My Electronic Caller To A Wireless Remote Caller. I Get Tired Of Reeling In And Out Speaker Wire And Not Being Able To Get As Far Away From The Speaker As I Would Like. I Currently Use An Phantom, I Like It, I Just Do Not Like The Speaker Wire.

    Anybody Use Any Of The New Remote Calls Available Today. What Would You Recomend?
  2. I personally have no experience with them, but have read a lot about the FoxPro callers. Everything I have read is excellent, I mean 700 yard remote?? Wow!!!! The price is way outta my range at this point in my life but someday i'll have one.


  3. It'd be worth the bucks if it could serve double duty getting my kids out of bed in the morning.
    Screaching rabbit under the bed, bet they'd zoom down the stairs pretty quick!
  4. fox pro

    That foxpro looks to be the stuff if you are into calling predators. A buddy of mine is trying to decide whether to buy one or a new gun. ($400+, geesh!). I just used a $25 hand held caller that called in a ton of hawks and crows. Not exactly what I was looking for.

  5. I just purchased a Western Rivers Extreme Predation MP3 wireless caller. It sounds as good as the old tape callers. It has a wirelaess remote good to 100 yards. I got it for $169. It has ten different calls on it and you can download more off their website if you want. :bouncy:
  6. A friend of mine uses one of the FoxPro's (not sure of model) with the remote control for coyote hunting. I've personally witnessed him pulling the trigger on quite a few coyotes while using it. In fact, one day we were hunting on the Crane base and a bobcat slinked right up to the speaker without even knowing we were there. If they weren't endangered here in Indiana, I'd have had a nice full-body mount.
  7. Crane?

    Hey M4, How Do You Get Permission To Coyote Hunt On Crane? Assuming You Have To Credintials.
  8. You just need to know one of the hundreds of employees that work there. They can get you an annual small game hunting license for $15, but they also have to escort you when you hunt (you cannot hunt without the employee.) I have a friend who works there, so we coyote hunt it together now and then. Try to imagine 100 square miles with 90% of it unpopulated, but easily accessed. There are highways in there and magazine roads, but the buildings are pretty much limited to a small area.

    Deer hunting, on the other hand, is done by public drawing and you do NOT need to know anyone who works at Crane. I'm sure you've seen the cards in each year's Indiana hunting regulations manual.
  9. Thanks M4, I Did Not Know That They Allowed Any Hunting Other Than Whitetail Deer. I Have Been There For Several Deer Hunts, Even This Past Year, And Have Always Had A Good Time. I Had No Idea That You Could Small Game Hunt There, Makes Me Wish That I Was An Employee, Or At Least Knew One. You Never Know What You May See At Crane, What A Hunters Paradise.
  10. Sorry, I just assumed that you had never been there. :)

    I've been deer hunting there for years, but this past season was the first time I didn't get in. :( I always have a few friends put in for the drawing as well, in order to increase my odds of getting in with someone. I've always hunted the same area, but when I scouted it last month while coyote hunting, I found most of the trees on the point that I hunt marked for logging. :16suspect I don't know their timeframe, but it looks like I'll need to switch areas when I hunt there next.