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Wisconsin Sturgeon

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by ccavacini, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Sorry Cary but which one is which? :cwm27:

  2. Dang. Was it caught hook and line, or speared?
  3. :yikes: :yikes: !!!!:yikes: :yikes:
  4. I cant imagine how long it took for him to get that sucker in.
  5. Yeah, how did they get it through the hole in the ice?
  6. I doubt it, those fish are unreal ask bronzeback.!

  7. i was kidding...
  8. Hope he put it back, that is an old survivor.
  9. That is a brute. I would love to pull one out like that through the ice. I don't think that fished was released though. It looks frozen stiff and isn't that a tag on it's tail?
  10. Looks like he has it tagged. I'm not sure about Wisconsin laws but I know in Michigan you can only take one a year and there is a slot.
  11. Take a pic and some measurements and have a replica mount made. Why in the world would you keep that fish? Unless it was going to die anyway, put it back, the thing is probably over 50 years old. It does look frozen.:cheeky-sm