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Wolf Lake anyone?

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by winchester00dog, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Anyone here ever fish Wolf Lake, its probably one of the most underated local lakes here in Northwest Indiana. It's located on the border of Indiana/Illinois.
    Quite a few species makeup the population such as, large and small mouth bass, tiger muskie, walleye, crappie, channel cats, yellow cat, stripers, yellow perch, bluegill.
    Winter night walleye is a bonus, when the main channel doesn't freeze over thanks to 2 warm water discharges comming from a corn processing plant.
    Walleye stocking has been going on here since the early nineties, and I know there are some monster walleyes, not to mention some prime tigers lurking around. So if any of you are in the Hammond/Whiting area give the Wolf a try!
  2. Winchester Where do you park to fish that lake? And where can someone get topo map of it?

  3. Wolf has not been stocked with Tigers since 1997, so any that are left should surely be trophy sized now. Around 2000 the IN DNR "admits" to having stocked Natural Musky(755 fingerlings 10-15" from their Webster Lake Broadstock) but due to numbers of smaller Musky being reported they are either reproducing successfully or IN DNR is stocking on the sly, they also told me that any stocking by a Musky Club would be known by both DNR's. After talking also with the IL dnr it is sad to say they(IL) will probably never stock any type of musky(natural or tiger) there again, they did say they have never stocked any naturals. Any stocking(walleye,bass, or musky) according to the two guys I talked to from IN and IL dnr's must be approved by both DNR's. IL is the one who used to stock the Tigers, IN never stocked them. Fishing hot spots maps used to have a map book of Chicagoland fishing hot spots, not sure if its still available but it seemed like a decent map, though I'm not positive if it has the IN side of the lake on it. is a great website for info on the lake.