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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by JL, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. How 'bout the cagers from the U of M!
  2. How come I knew you had started this post.....

  3. IU is not a #19 team in the country. Michigan played a good game. Well done James.
  4. Ahh... I love it when IU looses.
  5. James all I can say about IU is OVER RATED
  6. Go Blue! Man it feels good to say that again.....
  7. Wolverines beat Hoosiers? They're both turds!!!!
  8. i was wearing the maize and blue.
  9. Well James you must give the Boiler's credit for one thing, the farm boys soften IU up so you could win the game. HAHAHA
  10. michigan is still allowed to field basketball teams?? hard to tell since they are 1-11 in the last 12 games against IU


    congrats anyway
  11. I'm more of a U of M football fan anyways....does IU still field a team in that sport?
  12. Yep, they do. I stand outside the stadium and enjoy the festivities. I've been here for four college football season and have only been inside memorial stadium twice, both times michigan came to town.
  13. IU fans don't need a winning football tradition, because they always have ND to fall back on when things go bad.