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Wolves in the region?

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by goggleye57, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. St. John dancing with wolves?

    Christine Kraly, The Times of Northwest Indiana

    ST. JOHN | Things may be getting wilder near St. John. Lake County Animal Control officials are holding what they believe are two wolves found Tuesday chasing livestock on the edge of town. Officials captured the animals, one male and one female, at 101st and Parrish Avenue, after receiving reports the animals were loose. Lake County Animal Control Director Matt Lubarski said it took him about an hour and a half to corral the aggressive animals. "I thought I was going to lose my life there," Lubarski said.
  2. Looks like someone's pets to me... especially since they were "caught". I wrestle coyote's around in traps every morning... there ain't many people going to grab a pair of 80 pound wolves by the scruff of their neck! :yikes:

  3. I past their 5 days a week and I can't see were wild wolf would come from.
    like Jrbhunter some one's pets.:bonk:
  4. You guys are undoubtedly correct - but it was kind of an interesting article:)
  5. Wolves

    Hi, nobody may believe me but I shot a wolf 2 years ago. A female that weighed about 80 LBS. It wasn't exactly wild. It escaped from (Red Wolf Sanctuary) about 20 miles from where I live. I called the guy and he said no way it was one of his wolves. I think 3 escaped and they had recaptured 2. They weren't red wolves of course thats just the name of the place. I shot it by accident. There was a large light colored coyote that I had seen a couple of times and I thought it was him. It was a long shot but when I got close enough to get a good look at it I was sure it wasn't a coyote. Anyway I called the local conservation officer and he came to take a look at it. He agreed it was indeed a wolf and called the guy at the Sanctuary. To make a long story short he took the wolf from me. Would have made a nice mount.
  6. Bear Sighting

    I swore I wouldnt tell this, thinking people would call us liars. But since we are talking about sightings, last year while spotlighting for deer, myself and two others saw a black bear in southern Indiana. It was 30 yards from us and walking away. It turned tward us about 50 yards away and then disapeared into a large hardwoods. None of us said a thing for like 5 minutes after seeing it. Then I said was that what I think it was and the others said...uhhh, yeah! This bear was nowhere near a fenced area. I reported the sighting to the DNR and they said there could very well be a "faint few" in Indiana. Anyone else ever see a bear in Indiana??
  7. Hickorynut, I'm from your region and I recall a woman near Seymour getting video of a blackbear on her back porch last year. The CO's searched and searched for that bear... an escapee from somewhere... but I'm not sure if they found it or not.

    She had reported the bear once and IDNR told her she was crazy, so she videod it the next time and sent them the tape. That could've been what you saw, Seymour and Austin aren't THAT far apart. Especially if you were north of Austin spotlighting and she was south of Seymour???
  8. I live in north vernon and hunt in commisky. My dad and i were hunting sunday and i swear to you we saw 2 wolves. I didnt want to say anything because people would think i am crazy. They were both seperate. We saw the first one when we were parking and i thought it was just a huge coyote running across the field. We looked at it thru the scope and dad said he had seen one saturday around the same area but it had alot of black on it so this one was different. Then we were walking thru the woods about 1/2 mile away in the opposite direction of the first one and saw the one with alot of black on it running through the woods. They are huge! I guarentee they will go 90-100 pounds easily. The land owner has also seen them. If i get a chance this weekend then one will be on the ground and you can bet on that.
  9. The area that we saw the bear was Between Pikes Peak and Story.
  10. Yeah you just accomplished something that millions of people in Indiana haven't done in hundreds of years. And you did it twice in one day. Fairly unbelievable. :rolleyes:
  11. ya i know but i swear we seen them. I couldnt believe it myself. I could be wrong but i dont think i am. If i see one this weekend and get a shot i will have proof. If they are oties then they are the biggest ones i have ever saw.
  12. I bet you have seen warewolves too, they are thick in late October.
  13. Ever seen a German Shepherd? A lot of people let their dogs run loose, and they will run through your hunting grounds
  14. Theres lots of black bears in eastern KY,we do get some roamers,i wish they could get their roots in southern indiana.