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Women & Hunting ... Report on ABC 12/5/06

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Did anyone catch the report on the ABC national news last night about women and hunting? For something coming from a liberal based news giant, I have to say it painted a good picture for hunting and how women are increasingly more involved.

    The story was based in Colorado and focused primarily on upland hunting and clay shooting, but it reflected all hunting well, IMO. They said that in the past 5 years women in hunting has increased by 72%. They mentioned something about that recruitment being very important to the $5 BILLION per year hunting industry. Talked about how youth and women play a vital roll in hunting's future. Talked about how the hunting industry is catering to women with smaller guns, lighter loads, clothes cut for them, etc. Also mentioned how they are easier to teach the shooting sports to then men are.

    Real good news program for a change.:coolgleam
  2. Sorry I missed that one, my daughter would have like it too.
    Doing my part to bring them in. My daughter will be getting an new shotgun for Christmas this year, she and I are looking forward to many more days afield together.

  3. Here is a link to a text version of the story.

    Actually you can click on the video thing in that link and watch it in full.

    I'm sorry it was $21 BILLION not $5 BILLION. My brain was still stuck in the goose field.;)
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  4. Great Story!!!!
    Loved the Video... I have been trying to get my girl out for awhile now.
    I will try and show her the video. Who knows it might help.

  5. This article was recently listed in an indiana environmental news service I subscribe to-

    In U.S., Women Go Wild for Hunting


    FREEPORT, Maine — It's deer season in Maine and although the hunting department of outdoor retail specialist L.L. Bean is packed, this is no old-boy's club. Among the aisles of aerosol deer urine and digital duck calls, there are racks of women's clothing in mossy-oak camouflage, as well as plenty of fluorescent hunter orange. Lined up behind the counter are dozens of guns, many available with a "short-stock" designed to fit more comfortably into women's shorter arms. That's because an increasing number of women are heading into the woods, becoming one of the most enthusiastic segments of the hunting world.
  6. WoW!!!! Thats another great article........... That one i printed off.
    Thanks for all the good press i can use. ;)
  7. One Christmas gift out of the way

    Doing my part to help women and hunting. Just picked up a Christmas gift for my daughter. Sweet little .410, nice walnut stock...look out squirrels, here we come!