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wooden arrows

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by coonslayer21, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Been shooting them for years.

  2. yes sir cant beat the smell of a busted cedar shaft.... i recently switched to aluminum but i still enjoy shooting cedars from time to time... i really enjoy making them... I recently came across a new wooden shaft its called a hex pine shafting... the stuff is pretty amazing and super strong yet weighs in about as much as cedar but slightly heavier. Very impressive stuff.... I made a dozen for a guy a few weeks ago... here are some pics...

    i made those for a kid that i hunted with a few times... I hope he kills one with them soon enough..


    these are the hex pines that i made for the guy.... i made them a little stiff on the spine so i put a 175gr Tusker broadhead on the front of them... they flew great...


    these are some cedars that i made, i took the picture before i put the feathers on them... If you are interested in shooting cedars send me a PM i can get some custom stuff done in about a week or so and in the mail the next week and it wont cost you nearly as much as any of the other places. I sold that set of pink arrows mounted a half dozen broadheads on them all for 100 bucks. that covered all the materials and the heads... he got a great deal. If any of you guys are interested send me a pm ill get you hooked up.
  3. thanks for the response trdtnlbwhntr, i enjoy making my own, u know what i mean;) . I am shootin a compound bow so im going with some shafts at a slightly heavier spine. Are those crestings painted on or are those the wraps, nice desighn. Personally i like all white nocks and crestings.
  4. nope those are a colored lacquered that also acts as a sealer... its pretty nifty stuff... i can make them white too.... the blue ones are sealed with a product called gasket lacquer, which is some amazing stuff... its super thick and uses a squeegie system to put super thin layers on the shafting... by the time you get to the 12th arrow of your dozen the first one is dry and ready for dipping again... anyways the blue ones and the pink and greys are sealed with gasket lacquer then just masked off and spray painted. I dont use fletch-tite to put the feathers on them i use bohning feather tape... once that stuff sets its some super strong stuff... i stopped using glue about three years ago when i realized that glue doesnt like me and I dont like it... i always ended up with more glue on me then on the feathers....

    thats pretty nifty you shoot cedars from your compound... what kind of spine are you shooting out of that bow of yours and what kind is it?
  5. Right now my bow is set to 50 lbs. and i'm ordering port orford cedar shafts for 55 - 60 lbs. because they are stronger. I have used this set up in the past with good results. I like to mix traditional gear with modern gear, kind of my style :biggrin: . So what exactly is that feather tape, i see it in the catalogs but kind of iffy about ordering new things.
  6. you should shoot something other than cedar from your bow... if i were you id go with something heavier and much stronger and jack the spine up to 60-65 since your compound is center shot it can handle some super strong arrows in the spine department. I recommend those hex pines with some heavy broadheads i think youd see some great flight but if your cedars are working for you then by all means stick with those.. I like to tinker around so dont take offense to the meanderings....

    the feather tape is a double sided tape the same width as the quil of a feather... it super strong once you get all the feathers put on the arrow then set them up against a wall and give them a day to set in place.... we did an experiment with glues and sealers and then matched them with tape... the glue literally gave out before the feather. We gave them all time to set up and then pulled on the feathers straight away from the shaft... the quil broke before the tapes bond. Its pretty nifty, clean, and fast... not quite as traditional but its super easy.
    I made james lyons a dozen arrows for his compound using that tape and the feathers are still going strong i believe.
  7. Correct...still going strong. I'm going to have to get some of that tape for next season. Especially since the glue that I use damages the wraps.
  8. J.L. what is the draw weight of your bow, and what spine is the arrows u shoot??
  9. I actually shoot Easton Axis ST carbon arrows. Trdtnl did the wraps and fletchings for me. I don't shoot wooden arrows; I was merely talking about the fletch tape he used. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Yes, I have and still do whenever I shoot my longbows.

  11. Cedar arrows wanted

    I need crest white, four 5" right helical, 28 1/4" with 125 grain rottharr Snuffers. Six(will last me for much and I am in no hurry. My previous shafts were 490 grains
  12. JB are u lookin for them already made? I'm not sure where u will find them already made but u can order the shaft , crestings, etc..... from three rivers archery and do em yourself, thats is what i always do.
  13. sent you a pm ... you only looking for a half dozen though? let me know your spine and all that and if that price will work for you. Talk with you later.. Dustin
  14. Dustin - Really nice looking work on your arrows. I use to sell quite a few years ago before life got too busy. Seems like you do a great job of taking advantage of the newer products that are out there while still keeping it real in the traditional lines. Although I have plenty of arrows, I believe you have inspired me to get my stuff back out. May even try some of the newer products (at least new to an old dog like me) that you spoke of. Nice job and thanks.