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work in process

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by FINS&GRINS, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. about got my den done here are a couple pics.


  2. That's a pretty sweet den. Where did you get the mural/picture on the back wall? I like that a lot.

  3. that is freakin awesome brother!!!
    hopefully the bear doesn't get ahold of that rooster haha
    excellent work man...absolutely beautiful
    I especially like the bow sitting on the floor ready for action just in case...haha
  4. got the mural out of cabelas , they are a tricky item to hang the paper is very thin and rips easily ,in fact the rooster is covering one rip , but they do look sweet when finished!!
  5. Where's the rack off that spike you took last season?:hide: Weimer made me do it!:bloos:
  6. VERY nice! I need me one of them there "Dens"! ;)
  7. kids gave me hell for not posting pic of there pike they caught 2 summers ago at a lake up north

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  8. I wouldn't believer Werstler for a second.................I made him do it!! :evil:

    Nice Den there all you other "Cadman Wanna-Beeees" see all those points on that wall. Oh Lordy.............:coolgleam

    (sends a shiver up my spine)
  9. Hey I remember that bear,That was a black fly swarm attractant.I will say who ever skinned it done one fine job. Dang that mulie looks familiar also, I think the other guys was wider but not as tall. Holly smokes that caribou rack looks familiar also,Seems I packed one out like that once.I bet when you shot him you almost went deaf from muzzle blast. Now wait a minute those bands on that there goose call are from my geese. Heck I bet I had to row the boat after a bunch of those dang ducks you got there also. Im thinking that canvasbacks brother might even be in my room stuffed from the same flock. Where is the lope rack and the cackler goose,let alone all my collars you took from my geese. I would almost even bet I have some video of M-C Outdoors to show a lot of that stuff.Maybe someday Ill get it on the puter and post a clip or two for the fellas,lol.:bloos:
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  10. Nice looking Den bro!!!!!!!!!!! I love that mural, I might have to follow suit!