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workin for a living

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by pigeonflier, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Here is what I am forced to do in the off season when I cant make a living guiding. Nope, I dont just hunt and fish for money. This house is worth a couple point 5's
    18x18's with a 9" border

  2. Nice lookin' floor...those lick-em-and-stick-ems? :lol: Just kidding. Nice work, Pigeon.

  3. Very nice work.............Limestone?with a black border? That there took some carefull planning!

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  4. tumbled marble with black marble border,, was mind boggling trying to lay this one out
  5. Not as fancy ,but still a neat pattern,,,,paterns like that broken/or brick joint sure add a lot !

    Theres 1 more
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  6. Great looking job :) - My knees or back wouldn't hold out long :rolleyes:
  7. Nice work Pigeon! I'll have to keep you in mind down the road if I need any tile work done. I can only pay in guided goose hunts though.;)
  8. Looking good Pigeon. :coolgleam
  9. WOW nice job pigeon. If I knew how to put a picture on this thread I would show everyone what I do for a living. NICE Pigeon
  10. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    This is what I want my next shower floor to look like...although it would probably need a drain.
  11. Wow, Cary, how many shower "mates" you planning on having in there with you? That's one huge shower floor.

    Pigeon, not bad for a :coco: and :dizzy: Duck hunter.........