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world record deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldbuckkiller, Jul 8, 2006.

world record deer

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  1. antler mount

  2. head mount

  3. 1/2 body mount

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  4. full body mount

  1. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    if you were to kill a new world record deer what wold you do.
  2. Sell it for an ATV and a pickup truck...

  3. I would do a shoulder mount and then go to the butcher and pick up my 314lbs of meat.....
  4. well i believe i would do a full body mount. enclosed in a glass case. habitat done in the season that it was taken.
  5. Dang it JL,,you took the words right off my keyboard :lol:
  6. I would do the same as James, only if it was a Ford F150 and a ATV
  7. First I'd do the electric slide, and then....

    I'd go to DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!
  8. Call Local C.o. ,to At Least Have A Creatialbe Witness ,then Paramedic's So They Could Pick Me Up After The Heart Attack
  9. Oh, man...that one got me! My stomach hurts now.
  10. Full Body Mount and donate it so all could view it. I'll keep the venison!
  11. Rowdy


    I would probably score it myself and then brag about it. Then take a picture of it and have it posted on the internet, but never let Boone and Crockett score it. Then I would just lay low and watch the entire deer world talk about it for years.

    Remember that Rompula guy in 1998-99
  12. Be aware, Hickory Nut may return to the site to proclaim that he knows for sure Rompola's deer is real and the Mitch reads these message boards and laughs.
  13. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    i do belive he sold the rack to a rack collector i was at lunkers in edwardsburg and a guy was talking about him selling his supposed world record deer i don't know if this is true just what the guy was saying but i would be nice to have it as a world record.
  14. Heck, I'd make knife handles out of that rack. Just think, you could tell people that the knife they purchased was carved from the "World Record Buck". Heck, you could probably get like $25 a piece for those suckers.....