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world record weight for whitetail?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by mason, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. friend got a message today about a possible record for weight (421 pounds) maybe taken in Penn.? anybody here of it?
  2. The current world record (weight) buck was taken in Minnesota, in 1926 by Carl Lenandor. It had a dressed weight of 405 lbs. and an estimated live weight of 500 lbs.

    I would be very surprised if a deer, in this day and age with the amount of hunting pressure that exists in Pennsylvania, could live long enough to exceed Lenadors record.

    Is that 421 lbs. dressed or live weight?

  3. I would say the cold regions of Canada, Maine, Minn., Wis. would produce that size of deer, not the low fertile hills of Penn.
  4. Not true Scooter. My guess is that anywhere a Chinese Buffet exists that that is where world record weights come from. Trust me, I know.....pass the Kun Pao please!!!!
  5. dont know if its dressed or live weight just thought maybe somebody here heard he might have more info tommorow
  6. We told you earlier to put the fork down, Tubby.:biggrin:
  7. There's a picture of a photoshopped buck that supposedly weighed in at 412 lbs. It's been floating around the internet for a while. It's even in the photo gallery on this site. Perhaps this is the animal you're referring to...perhaps not.
  8. dont know if its the same one wasnt that one taken in nebraska?
  9. That's the story, but it's a photoshoppe job...not an authentic pic.
  10. I've seen this picture on the B&C website trophy watch, supposedly the deer was taken on the ogallala sioux reservation. The hands of the hunter looked kind of strange but the deer itself did not look shopped, just huge! Never heard a weight on it, though, or whether it was for sure shopped.

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  11. That's the pic. I was referring to, Munster. I heard that it was a photshoppe job.
  12. I know there was a lot of discussion about it when it made the rounds of the net. It's still on the Boone & Crockett website in the trophy watch archive bit there was no update as to whether it's a real pic or not. They state the weight as 412 lbs but don't say whether that is dressed or live weight.
  13. notice the shot placement on that deer... yup right in the guts. You can see the black looking ooze coming out of its side. If i were going to photoshop a picture id change the wound hole to a more accurate shot like right behind the shoulder instead of in the paunch... yuck..
  14. talked to the guy today he has no new info on it i am thinking his buddy is talking about the one above anyway he is suppose to hunt with him this weekend maybe have more info