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World Record?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Treehugger1971, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. A guy from my work said he went to a Hunters ed. class and talked to a DNR officer there and was told that the Morgan county buck had been scored and is a new world record. Has anybody else heard this. He also said the officer told him the boy did sell the rack for a truck and atv.
  2. if that's the case the boy sold or traded way to cheap.

  3. That's still hard to believe. This kid is supposed to be a college student?? He must not be taking any classes in marketing or economics. If this buck is a world record , and he played his cards right , he could afford to buy any truck or ATV he wanted and still have that deer hanging on the wall to tell his grandkids about.
  4. All this will be short lived when James Lyon drops his buck this fall!
    Dean even did the write up on the Lyon King in advance.

    Not feeling any pressure now, are ya James?
  5. Don't you mean the Weimer King????? I can see the headlines now.....

    "James was Lyon, Weimer is legitimate owner of Giant since he helped Coach scout and plan".

    Trust me you, if the buck IS a world record, don't you think that we'd be reading about it? The last I knew the people at North American Whitetail haven't heard anything on this buck. Think about it.....

    go to and read Mike Hanback's synopsis on his "Big Buck Blog". If this deer was a new world record typical, we'd have known about it by now. I mean come on fellas.......
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  6. The kis may have sold the horns to help pay for his college.
  7. Completely agree with Dean. If it were a world record i have to believe we would know about and it would not have been traded for a rack and a ATV unless the fella had a few screws loose.
  8. World Record

    Dean, I couldn't agree with you more. However...there are two sides to every story, and a reasonable explanation why people do what they do. How is that for seeing 32 shades of gray, and operating in a corporate America??? :bonk:

    Truly, I do believe Dean is on point. Something of this magnitude coming from Indiana should be all over the news.
  9. Thinking about this story, there is something fishe going on. You here that in Morgan County a big buck is kill, then you here that it may be a world record, then you hear the man in the picturce is not the one who shoot it, it was his son, then you hear that the horns were traded for what ever, then you hear that the law took the deer and the story just keeps going. I don't know any one that has seen the deer or score the deer. The more this story goes on the more it is turning out to be a joke
  10. This is grounds for a Congressional hearing!!! :banghead3
  11. OH yeah, that'll make everything better....lets get Congress involved...track record for finding horns of mass destruction is???
  12. I hope it is a world record.....for Indiana's sake~!!!!!

    Let me re-explain myself. I'm not saying that this deer isn't a quality, giant, world-class typical. I mean the pictures speak for themselves really. All, I'm saying is that if it was a "New World Record" Typical (and was being claimed as such), you'd think that this would be spread all over the media, etc. At this point, we don't even know where the rack is, or if any of the "stories" about the rack being traded, etc. are even true. To my knowledge, no Indiana official measurer has even scored the rack for HRBP. Also, I don't know that the buck has been scored perid.

    Trust me, I hope it IS the new world record. Remember, many rumors were flying around about this buck from the get go, but I'm not saying that any of them were true. At best, there was a cloud of mystery surrounding the buck, but that does NOT implicate the Fergusons on anything.
    I do know that the story about Gordon Whittington calling Brian and he telling Gordon to "Quit bothering him" weren't true in the least. Gordon has NEVER even talked to either Brian, or his Dad....EVER. Do you think this "new" info. could also be just rumors? Until we know more, I'd have to say that is the case...........Stay tuned!!!!
  13. Wouldn't it be nice to have a world record come from the state you live in. Maybe this is like hitting the power ball lotto, when you are going to get millions of dollars you have a lot of friends that you do not know. Then on the last day you turn in the ticket and everyone knows about it then. The thing is if it is a WORLDS RECORD BUCK then why do we not even heard a little or read about it. You know someone is going to fine and tell sometimes.
  14. Sorry Weimer, but for Indiana hunters sake I hope its NOT a world record. If it is a world record and is confirmed, there will be people trying to lease every piece of farmland and wooded acres all across the state. This will just root out the real Indiana hunters that got permission to hunt by landowners with nothing being traded but an old fasion hand shake. Then anyone that didnt have the money for a lease would have to hunt public land. Im not saying public land is bad but im sure you dont want to HAVE to hunt it. If we all had to hunt public land it would look like a pumkin patch when the sun comes up on opening morning of firearm season. There will probably be more hunting accidents as well. We have all seen the picture of the Morgantown buck, we have seen what Indiana can produce....lets just leave it at that and hunt.
  15. what does everyone else think?