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  1. Anyone have a recommendation on an over the counter wormer for my beagles?
  2. I am no vet and probaly setting my self up for this one, but have used piperazine( not sure on spelling):hide:

  3. I'll ask my brother Goggle, he's a vetrinarian over here in Garrett. Dr. Dan Weimer D.V.M. Ask Chris what he has to say about "Dr. Dan". I'm sure you got a dandy response from him when you mentioned my name.
  4. I hear Piperizine is a good product but I think it just covers roundworms and not tapeworms. It would be good but you'd have to give two.
  5. I personally use Interceptor as my heartwormer and round, and hook worm, and whip worm preventer but I personally think that panacure (not sure of the spelling of panacure) is the best wormer because it takes and attacks whip worm, hook worm, round worm and a big one that most don't attack and thats tape worm. Panacure comes in a dry powder form or a liquid form. I use the liquid form and we usually give 3 days of treatment and the dogs seem to like the taste. I just looked up the spelling and its PANACUR I hope this helps.

    Greg Agee
  6. Best vet around is in Plymouth. Only cost around $5 with no visit charge for worming. They are the cheapest around and no appointment needed. All walk in. Have taken all my animals there. Cats and dogs. Last time we had our female dog fixed it was $85 and that included shots. I think the cats were $45. Took my new lab there this year to get her shots and 1-3 never was the bill over $14 per visit. 4th shot was a little more. And the wormers were included. You will save more in gas going there. Parrett Vet Clinic Plymouth, Indiana If you ever want the # I will look it up for you.

    Man - that is cheap!! Might be worth the drive. :)
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