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Worster Lake fishin report

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by alhersch, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Howdy, went to Potato Creek Camping this past weekend, had okay weekend. Went with the inlaws... :banghead3 :rolleyes: Fishing wasn't too great went Fri evening and saturday morn an evening. Caught lots of little bluegill, nothing really keeper size. 1 Largemouth all weekend about 10-12" saturday evening in the shallows. 1 crappie about 8" or so in a bit deeper water(on the other side of the boat) while we were fishin for bluegill. Not too bad I guess for never being there and having to row everywhere... Stupid me forgot the trolling motor... :bonk: I remembered 2 batteries and the charger....
  2. Well alhersch, thing could have being worse, I had a friend that went with us to upper Mich. in 2001 and he for got his poles and tackle box on top of the car.

  3. Ouch, yeah it could have been worse. Normally I forget my worms so I usually have to buy more. I think I have about 4 boxes of worms and 3 or red wiglers and a couple bee moth containers at home now... LOL