Would you turn in a "Poacher"?

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Would you turn in a poacher?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Depends on the situation

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  1. After reading all the good about DEC and Greendeem. And the backlash of the DU guys against DEC.

    Would you turn in a "poacher"?

    And at what point is an offense worthy of being turned in?

    Here are a few different situations... both on very opposite ends of what might be considered "poaching"...

    Situation 1: A good hunting buddy shoots what he believes is an antlerless deer w/ his archery equipment.. upon recovering the deer.. it only has 1/2 of a very small rack.. just over 3". He checks it in as an anlterless deer. And continues hunting the rest of the season.. but doesn't harvest any other deer.

    Is turning this guy in warranted?

    Situation 2: You know of a guy (family).. not personally.. but through others. This person (family) runs a local business that many are familiar with. This person (family) owns some very prime land. Person (family) is well known for taking large deer.. year after year. Nobody is ever around when these deer are harvested. Widely known (or speculated) that this guy (family) likes to hunt at night illegally. Person owns several rifle mounted night vision scopes.. that are claimed to be used for "coyote hunting". Person has bragged about hunting illegally.. and since he never has anyone hunting with him, outside of his closest friends, that he won't get caught. And states that if he does get caught.. he has a coyote call on him for his alliby. People don't turn him in.. because they are afraid that they may lose his permission to hunt this prime piece of land.

    Now you heard all of this 2nd hand.. don't know the guy/family personally other than by aqauntance.. and don't have any "proof".

    Is turning this guy in warranted?
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  2. I want to add one thing. On another site, someone decided to start emailing DU about my experience. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. This is not a DU thing. This is a couple good ol' boys club members that are thick skulled. I can handle my own battles. DU is a great organization. Yes they have problems, but which one doesn't. I personally do business with a few of these guys and I have to walk a fine line in how I handle them. Me getting in their face about poaching or breaking the rules is one thing. Having DU national come down on them is something entirely different. I have a business to think about and kids to feed at home.

    So, I thank everyone for their support of me. You guys are a great sounding board and a good group of friends. I even hope a couple of you local guys will go to the DU banquet. But I'll handle the committee guys. It is a big committee and only a handful are resentful of this poaching thing. I'll deal with them in my own way. Maybe roll them out back.:evil:

    So that being said ... I hate poachers. I'll rat one out, if I'm confident they did it.:coolgleam

  3. So should I cancel the live jackass, the tar, and the feathers for the DU banquet? :evilsmile
  4. :lol:
  5. No, you can still wear the tar and feathers. You are still welcome to come.:biggrin:
  6. I would love to have something clever to say...but I got nothing...tip of the cap to you sir...i stepped in that...
  7. I believe that if a person is hunting illegaly than they need to be turned in. It is my place as a ethical hunter to turn in someone for hunting illegaly.
  8. I guess I don't understand the whole situation but non the less I would turn in a poacher if I knew he did something illegal on purpose! I guess its the intent of that act that was commited that would make a little bit of a difference.


  9. first example, if check stations gave a damn it would have been checked in as an antlered deer, this exact thing happened to me this year burnt my buck tag on it, right is right and wrong is wrong ,and poaching is poaching turn them in, if this happened they would not be my hunting buddy!!!!
    example #2- never go by 2nd hand info., if i seen it ,i would turn him in !!!!
  10. I understand your thinking and agree with it.
  11. In situation 1 as long as he does not take another buck he has not broken a law with his continuing to hunt. Also he could legally purchase a fire arms license, you can buy as many as you want you just can't use them. Now if he didn't buy an antlerless license to hunt in the fire arms season and he was out there he would be illegal.

    I'll make my vote simple......... I'd turn my brother, my father, my son or my wife in....heck I killed two turkeys with one shot and called myself in.
  12. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    The guy that brags about illegal killings will be caught, thats what happens when you brag too much. If he were my family member, I would tell him what a dumbass I thought he was but not turn him in myself.

    If my good hunting buddy tagged a small half rack, barely more than 3 inches buck while thinking it was a doe as a doe, I would not report him.

    Bro's before doe's.
  13. There is definately a thin line between right and wrong when it comes to poaching. I have yet to experience one of these situations, but I think it depends entirely on the what happened.
  14. Been there, done that. We all have someone looking to us for their example. In my case, it is 3 budding outdoors people. I want them to learn ethics and responsibility. Part of that lesson is a very narrow tolerance for those who would take an unfair and illegal advantage.
  15. I look at it this way. If you are breaking the law then you must pay. My answer is YES I would turn them in at once and whould not even think about it.