Wow a boat and 2 trips later i'm really hooked!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by alhersch, May 2, 2006.

  1. I'm shure I won't always have this good of luck but last saturday and yesterday(Monday), I took our new to us old boat out for the first two times and caught a mess of fish both days. As If I need another addiction, I have always loved fishing, but mostly from the bank or wading, never much had a chance to go on a boat. Now I will do most of my fishin from a boat. I will go back to wading only once in awhile. Here's some pics!!!

    The Boat...

    The fish on sat..

    Fish last night....

    Keep 40 of these guys between 4 of us, Caught probably 20-30 other smaller fish. Both trips were to Mississinewa

    Later guys,

  2. Awesome Al....nice stringers!...and nice rig.

  3. Great 2 days of fishing, keep the reports coming.
  4. Great looking boat and nice stringers too!
  5. Way to go Alan, good looking fish and boat. You may like to join us in our get togather fishing tour. We are trying to work out when everyone could be off work and a lake to fish. check out the chat room around 9:00 or after.
  6. Good job, Al. I've always wondered this 'cause I've never ate them, but...

    How do those striped dudes eat?
  7. With their Mouths???
  8. Quail said it... :)

    I really don't know how good they are, my neighbor/boss/uncle-inlaw who went with us told us where to go and how to catch the stripers. He says they are pretty good but time will only tell.... Simple as pie to catch, just troll as slow as the ol boat could go and whammmmm. :bowdown:

    Thanks for the invite 410, i've posted on the topic about trying to make it to the fishin tour thing, and i've also been in the chatroom a time or two.