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Wow, test your eyesight,

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Copy and paste that link and test your eyesight, a must for hunters.... There are 5 differences in the photos.
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  2. Thanks for posting that, now I have to go hose out my under shorts on the patio.
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  3. im seeing 20/20 now
  4. Wow!!!

    Bocephus, Thanks a lot, now I'm going to need psycho therapy so I can sleep tonight. I didn't realize it but the sound was turned way mom and I almost s*&t our pants!!! Thanks a lot, brother.
  5. Dean, did you sleep last night?
  6. Yeah, but I had to sleep with my mom and dad like when I used to see spook shows when I was a kid. My brother Dan and I went and watched "American Wharewolf in London" when we were kids and we were both scared to death. We practically ran home. We were a little too young to see a show like that. My folks were out of town and we ended up sleeping with my aunt and uncle who were sitting. I also don't recommend youngsters watching Children of The Corn, and then going bowhunting early the next morning!!! MALICHI!!!!!!!!
  7. MY GOSH!!! Even though I knew something bad had to be coming I still wasn't ready for that! Holy crap!!!
  8. The things ya see when ya don't have a gun!
    or a wood stake..... hmmmm stake,steak.... I am getting hungry.
    Got some venison in the freezer, why does it always have to be in the freezer when people talk about steaks......
  9. there's always the microwave[​IMG]
  10. Rowdy


    Internet access..............$30.00

    Cell Phone.....................$125.00

    20.oz Pepsi....................$1.50

    Getting scared so bad you throw your phone, scream,
    kick the cable modem so hard you loose connection
    and spit Pepsi all over the screen............priceless.

    I thought Bocephus was gone, you guys lied to me.
  11. We didn't lie to you...look at the dates on his posts.