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wow what a meal PART 2

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by pigeonflier, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Bills steak house. Man that place was awesome. Best steak I ever had. And the prices sure cant be beat aound my parts. Got the walleye and t-bone.. Left there limping. Definetly will go back there again. Thanks goggleye for bringing that place up. Never knew it was there. A little far drive for me from South Bend, but it was well worth it.:corkysm55 :corkysm55 :corkysm55

    How many more good choices in the north here..

    There is a taco stand in New Buffalo, Mi that will put a hurtin on ya. Not bad prices either.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it!:corkysm55

    I had some great venison tonight- This morning I browned 2 lbs of stew meat in a little oil- then put it in the crock pot with 5 beef bullion cubes, two chopped onions, 6 or 7 cloves of chopped garlic and 1/2 can of beer. Cooked until fall apart tender then served over basmati rice. Man it was good !
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  3. bill's

    You guys are killing me..........AGAIN!!!!!
  4. I ate there on Friday night and downed the 28 oz porterhouse.....tough one to eat when you throw in a potato and salad.......had to unbutton the pants when I was done.
  5. Cooked up a venison roast with taters/carrots in the slow cooker Saturday night for Sunday dinner...used wildgame seasoning, salt/pepper, dried onion bits and baked some dinner roles to go with it...don't tell PETA but my kids like it too!!!
  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    You guys keep this up and you're going to get Mad Cow disease.
  7. I only purchase beef after the cows have gone through anger management classes.
  8. it was so tasty and must have been baaaaaaambi!!! :corkysm55
  9. I think there are some things that are worth the risks! :corkysm55
  10. Well for the Super Bowl whet to a friend's house and had marinated deer bite size back straps and shrimp. Really didn't care about the Super Bowl just food. Dean you should have been there.
  11. Super Bowels

    I wasn't invited 410. I'm beginning to wonder... I went to the Garrett Legion and "dined" on all the deep fried garbage anyone could ever hope for in one sitting. I paid the price today at work.

    I "took the browns to the super bowl" three different times in an 8 hour shift.:yikes:
  12. Waaaaaaaaaay to much detail Dean...I know you are a writer and like to include the details of "the event" but some things are left best unsaid...LOL :yikes:
  13. Treehugger,

    Now you know why 410's friend didn't invite him. Can you imagine that vocabulary/subject manner in a family setting?
  14. My "old friend" Scooter!!!!!

    Are you not a member of my family....BROTHER????? Well, I was thinking about inviting you to come with on my next Iowa trip, but, well...:mad:

    Ladies and Gentlemen.... Fill in the blank Scooter!!!!!!!!!:cheeky-sm

    It's over...Not only did I not get an invite to the party, but verbally bashed in the process.:(

    P.S. Did you shoot a buck this past season Scott????