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WTB Trailer

Discussion in '4 Wheeling - ATV's' started by shootsa410, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to buy a used in very good condition 4x6, or slightly bigger, utility trailer to haul an ATV. Does anyone have or know of one for sale?
  2. 5x10 Nomanco Trailer for sale

    I have a 5x10 Nomanco for sale. It is item #220076379537 on ebay if you want to check it out or send me your email address and I can email you the pictures. It is a dove tail style with 2x wood sides and a plywood floor. It just needs the lights fixed and it would be ready to go. Very nice little trailer. I would buy it from him but I have a 6'x16' trailer already.

    I live around Bluffton IN and work at the SW corner of Fort Wayne next to I69. This trailer is a buddy of mine's who lives in Fishers and didn't have room for it anymore. So getting it picked up/delivered shouldn't be a problem one way or another. Selling price is $500.00.