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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Click on the Buck-Growl call and watch this!!!!!:yikes: :yikes: www. video
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  2. OK I'll Bite................

    My .02 cents on this is it MARKETING at it's finest. We are now just discovering Bucks Growl and draw in other bucks from everywhere when they do this?? Bull$*^%.

    My take on the video is the volume and sound of that growling/grunt sounds audio enhanced. Unless you've been in a sound studio you probably can't tell when these sounds have been tampered with.........but trust me.........this one has been tampered with. If you listen closely the audio of the "growl" has almost an echo to's tampered/enhanced audio guys.

    Does this make the Drury guys dishonest............well not really but sort of..........depends how you look at it. I think they are just turning up the volume so you can hear it...........

    Now.........what you will probably see in the call itself and it's instructions is that this is a LOUD call.........which means bucks from long distances will respond. Most calls out these days are short range guess is the Growl Call will be more of a long range's just louder. The best call the market has ever seen in my opinion was the Golden Eagle Twin tube call made back in the 80's. They capitalized on long range/loud/low sounding grunts that pulled mature deer in for hundreds of yards............I can attest to 5 of my large bucks on the wall to have been brought to that Golden Eagle Call from distances of 150-350 simply is amazing. The sad part of it is they do not make them anymore..............I knew of guys at some shops buying up cases of them when word got out they were going to discontinue them. Mine is under lock an key and gun and knife.:evil:

    My gut tells me..........this will be a similarly loud call (the Growler) to the Golden Eagle call of the 80' will just generally be louder.......but people will be led to believe it's the "growl" that will make the difference.

    Marketing of an old concept but different package at it's finest!!!

    My .02 cents
  3. not a good one for IN

    Unless your hunting Pike Co., Illinois or a monster farm in Iowa (like the Drury bros) during the rut, I wouldn't make a noise like that while trying to bring in a buck. You might as well chase it a half mile away from your hunting area, because that is what will happen. It is just another last resort call for that hung up rutting monster (like the grunt-snort-wheeze). I've seen bucks do it twice in Indiana, a 2.5yr old 8pt growled after a yearling, and a 1.5yr old spike was growling at other deer near a food plot. Both times it was scaring the pee out of every deer around. I've never witnessed any bigger buck growl, mostly they don't make much noise at all.

  4. is "growl" what they are doing? Is that the right word for it? Seems like maybe they are just forcefully grunting. Like trying to force the air out hard to get the attention of other deer around. To think that deer growl baffles me and to only have heard of it now when there have been hundreds if not thousands of deer hunting videos made in the last five years. Dont really know what to think of it.
  5. Hey fellas, There's an article on this call in the July issue of NAW!!! Check it out.......GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Baby!!!!!!!:rolleyes: