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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by fishing addict, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Just wondering how many have tried the new X-Rap's(slashbait's) by RAPALA.I bought a bunch at Gander Mt.,and think they may be my new favorite stickbait.So far I've only caught a Pike,and a couple of smallies with them,but haven't had much chance to use them yet.
    I,had tried putting a feathered treble on some stick-baits before,with varied success.I,think they stole my idea.
  2. Lucky Craft

    What do you guys think of lucky craft lures? Are they worth the extra money, that much better quality etc. etc. .

  3. What do they look like? Photo available?
  4. X-Rap's

    I've got a pic in my gallery,but couldn't get it to post here.
  5. lucky craft

    I have several different Lucky Craft baits that I use. The Pointers are awesome. I like the 78 better than the 100 series. Try the Matte Waterwelon color. I also have had real good luck with the crankbaits. I know they are a bit pricey but they do work well. My advice, have a plug knocker handy when you tie one on.
  6. Maybe this will post it?

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