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  1. Was at the dome this evening for the celebration. I'll try to get pics up maybe tomorrow.
  2. Ok got a few up. Clarity not all that great, forgot the zoom on some. The first is Tony Dungy holding up the Lombardi with Bill Polian and Jim Irsay. The second is of the entire team, the guy standing up front in the Blue Colts jersey is Manning. The last one is a group of players featuring Kelvin Hayden. Number 26. The guy that returned that Grossman pick for 6. I was a bit dissapointed about one thing though, all the other floats circled all the way around the dome, the one that Peyton was on did not. They stopped and let him off right at the podium so i wasnt able to get any closeups.



  3. awesome brad! Thanks for the pics, glad you got to go.:chillin:
  4. I wish I would have been able to go. It would have been pretty cool to have been able to celebrate with them.
  5. Nice Pictures Gang
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  7. Hey, at least it got you some free solicitation. Nice first post.
  8. Here it is back guys! I'm not angry, I just don't want you, me or anyone in trouble for saying we own the rights to the Colts, Super Bowl or Lombardi Trophy logos! ENJOY.....but remember.......GO STEELERS!
    Sorry about the shakeup guys! Fuzzy
  9. Welcome to the site Fuzzy!!!! sorry for the mix up....hay hang around you might find something you like HERE!!!!:grouphug:
  10. Brew, you borrower!! I thought you put that together. Typical Colts fan. LOL!!!
  11. Swett pics Brad. My sister lives in Indy and she was there somewhere!