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You turtle eaters...

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by QuailDancer, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Turtle

    Great stuff. Have had turtle several times. The recipes listed here look very good, but honestly I like it pan fried. Maybe I'll have to try some of these in the future.

  2. Folks who like Snapper???

    ;) I came acrossed a smallish snapperhead (about the size of a mens basketball..maybe a hair bigger) back in May. I now wish I'd have whopped him on the head and drug him home. Since then I've had a few guys tell me that I should have grabbed him and had them help me clean it. I've eaten it only twice in my life: once in a game stew (which was good), and just plain boiled (which was O.K.). If I'd have known how to clean him I'd have grabbed him. My buddy, FinsNGrins, told me not to mess with it because it was a pain in the.....
  3. He could be trying to keep all the turtles for himself. Just how good a friend is he???

    I haven't tried turtle yet either, but James has me talked into giving it a try.
  4. Give me a call next time Dean, I'd help you clean it. I am no where near as good at cleaning turtles as the rest of my family, so it might take a little while, but the thought of frying one up is starting to make my mouth water.
  5. they are fairly easy to clean. cut off the head and claws, insert garden hose or compressed air and blow them up like a balloon. cut away bottom of shell, remove entrails, fillet out the meat and looks kinda nasty but it sure taste good.
  6. ill catch a couple if you come get em'

    if you guys want some turtle ill catch a few and you can come get em. They are all over our pond and they are pretty big. They are all yours for one tutorial on how to clean them sounds like a fair trade. Let me know if you are in the chesterton area and want some turtle.
  7. Hey Pigeoncrapper has a snapper (heh, heh, heh) that we could use for some soup!!!!!! Pigeon??
  8. I like turtle better than steak. Your noticed I didn't say gills, there no meat better than fresh fry gills.