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Your Favorite Coon Hound?

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by backstrap, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. I've had quite a few hounds over the years. Everything from Redbones, to Walker's, to Black-n-tans, to even a Bluetick. I'm kinda curious as to what you fellow coon hunters prefer for a hound. I'm kinda split, I like the Walker for it's stamina, I like the Blue, and Black-n-tans for their determination. But I tell ya, that ol' Redbone, they have a voice that's unmistakable, I tell you what, they can really rattle the hills!! What's your favorite?
  2. Coon hounds

    I haven't hunted behind that many flavors of coon hound but I like the Walker from my experience. Like anything else, there are good and bad.. just depends on the dog. I like a dog that hunts close but I love to hear that chopping echo off the hills in the distance!