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Your favorite season

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Which season, Archery, Shotgun, or Muzzleloader, do ya'll prefer???

    Personally, i love archery, but by the time muzzleloader rolls around i am tired of slinging arrows, so i switch to the smoke pole for a little while, and back to slinging arrows again.
  2. Early archery without a doubt, for me.

  3. I love bowhunting more than anything else... but when its time to knock the does around a bit and muzzleloaders are firing thats a pretty good time of the year too.... Anytime i can get out is pretty good by me, except opening weekend.... I really hate that weekend. Every joe and his brother are out flinging lead around. That weekend scares me but i still hunt it just because its better than sleeping in.
  4. Early a long shot!
  5. Definitely early archery! Love the peace and quite of the woods without the noise of all the guns every other minute!

    I do also enjoy the end of muzzle loading season, and late bow. Love hunting over a fresh blanket of snow on a food source. You can see the deer moving for miles and when the does start grouping back up, it's not surprising to see 15-30 at a time. Wonderful time of year.
  6. Definitely early archery season! I also like late archery season because things have calmed back down again in the woods and the deer are grouped up again. Seems like a great way to close out the deer seasons, especially if there is snow on the ground.
  7. I love the late muzzleloader season- like the snow on the ground - hearing the deer crunching around, and seeing it in the trees. Seeing the deer snorting steam. Not that many folks out when its way cold. :)
  8. I love the late muzzleloader season- love the snow on the ground also
  9. Early archery season, hands down. I love hunting in October. I honestly see more good bucks the first 2 weeks of October then I do all the other weeks combined.

    Once gun season opens, it just goes down hill, IMO.

    Muzzleloader and late archery are OK, but my problem is that once December is here, there is just simply too much holiday crap going on all the time to do much hunting. I hate December.
  10. Archery by far. Whitetails seem so much more comfortable during early archery season and just turn skidish during shotgun.
  11. Early archery, with late archery being second. I like guns and blackpowder, but there's somethin' 'bout a bow...................
  12. Early Archery hands down, then Muzzleloader, seems like alot of idiots expect to come out just on opening day of shotgun and score a monster, then be home by 10.
  13. Archery without a doubt, first week or last week of October on.
  14. early and late archery
  15. Favorite time to be in the woods is when the leaves are full of color and you can smell them in the air or when it very cold and still with snow on the ground.

    Favorite season to hunt is when ever I can get out and whatever I'm hunting is ok with me. I used to walk the creeks around Story and carry only duck loads... good for grouse, rabbits, woodcock, just about whatever you kick up and if you see a couple of woodducks on the creek...still legal. What a way to spend a day!:)

    As far as deer...the week before gun season.
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