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Youth Hunt Results

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by FINS&GRINS, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. just wandering how everybodys youth hunts went, the weather pretty much sucked for the kids, my son did not score but my nephew harvested his first deer ever sunday evening with his muzzleloader i was very proud of him he handled himself very good for never shooting one befor, after the shot (a perfect double lung shot) he looked at me ,he was shaking so much he couldnt climb down for awhile, i asked him how he felt & he said he could not describe it, i told him that feeling is why we hunt, that look in his eyes was priceless, i think i got more out of that than getting my own deer, i hope the dnr keeps this youth hunt forever,also got my fire burning even more than it was, cant wait till sunday good luck to all you guys and your kids!!!!!
  2. That's what it's all about Fins&Grins...thanks for the great report!

  3. My daughter missed one. Posted in the other youth weekend thread.

    Agree, the weather SUCKED.
  4. I talked to one person who said the mosquitoes drove them crazy and removed all fun from the hunt, however I did hear they went back at mid day and took a doe.

    I talked to someone else who said he saw a doe in his food plot Sunday that looked to be an orphaned fawn. It was very nervous, kept looking back over her shoulder, and appeared at times to tremble. I do question how early this is in the season and still don't grasp why its antlerless only. My 2 cents and they are not worth much, just ask my wife.
  5. My wife won't let me get the 8 and 9 year old out yet. I remember when I took one of my older daughters out for her first deer hunt when she was 14...she's now 22. Opening day in the snow...we saw several deer and I shot a nice buck. I missed a doe in the afternoon. She was not shooting... just along for the ride. She loved it... one of my best days ever! She shot a couple of squirrels that fall, went turkey hunting with me the following spring and then never went hunting again...her mind switched to chasing the boys.
    I thought of you guys and your kids all weekend...can't wait
  6. Girl (10) got her first deer Sat. afternoon. Shot it at around 40 yards and went down in 20. She never even got nervous, but boy did she want to go see it as soon as it hit the ground. She is all ready to go for big 10 pointer she said.. Guess I better get mine in bow season because I have a feeling she'll be the one shooting in gun. I think they should be able to take a buck though. I know that would bring up some abusers but the feeling was great even with a doe but that first buck is never forgotten.
  7. AWESOME! Congrats to your daughter and you!
  8. Way to go Bronzeback...congrats to your daughter!!!
  9. A cousin of mine got his first deer this weekend.
  10. Can We Get Some Pictures... Its Been Way Too Long Since The Last Time We Got To See Dead Deer And Smiling Faces.
  11. Congrats to all the youths that scored last weekend:woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1:
  12. Don't worry Traditional,,,after Oct.1 you'll get tired of team 5 posting plenty of pictures of harvested deer!
  13. Cool pic broneback. Wish my little sister and brother shot something but didn't. Well we put a stalk on some does and a buck out in a bean field got as close as we could but just a little too far for a shot. The only deer in range was a GOOD size buck. Again congradulations to all of the sucessful youngsters.;) :)