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  • goose7569
    Blog: goose7569's blog. By goose7569 at 3:09 PM.
    Hi..2 hunting buddies and I are looking for deer and Turkey land for lease ..we are able to obtain hunters insurance. Please let me know if you or anyone you know has any land.. Thanks.
  • Davers
    Blog: Davers's blog. By Davers at 12:45 PM.
    At some point in time, many avid Hunters express a desire to own property for hunting. The fact remains that good hunting property is becoming very hard to obtain or even to lease, this prompts one into considering purchasing their own property. Purchasing property is especially important to...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 1:43 PM.
    About mid week I received a minor snow fall but I was excited. i love a fresh snow soon after deer season ends. This gives me a great tool to see how the deer are using my property and helps narrow down the time frame in which this activity happened. So Saturday I set out in the cold to...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 4:19 PM.
    Well it has been a while so I thought I would post about my hunting season. Hunting season was good for me this year. While many hunters report seeing fewer deer the numbers are low but stable in my area. I also did something I had NEVER done before......that was kill a deer with my...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:16 AM.
    Well, Sunday I filled the new water hole. I was curious just how much it would hold and I knew I would not really know for certain, so I washed out the 3 point sprayer and filled it and used it as a water truck. It's a 50 gallon sprayer but I am certain it holds more than that (closer to a max...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:15 AM.
    Spent some time out today and found some interesting things.....yes I should be hunting....I know! Today was our archery opener!! I was spreading more acorns. Found a bedding area where there wasn't one before. This area is on a point/ridge on the south side of my property that overlooks my...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:14 AM.
    Well I got out today and was able to check on the other plot and spread/plant the other acorns as well. I planted/spread a gallon of acorns and then spread the "floaters" in an area where if any of them grow I can see them.....just because I'm curious. The north plot is doing OK. It's a mix of...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:13 AM.
    Well the rain we had that caused the road to wash away also flooded my such I have some plots that had a nice layer of silt on them and essentially snuffed out some of my clover and allowed weeds to get ahead. As such I spent part of the day re-seeding some of those areas. I mowed...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:10 AM.
    Wow - I have been away for a while. I'll get to some updates. Well it has rained here in one way shape of form since about noon yesterday and is supposed to continue thru the end of the weekend. I sucked it up and put on my big boy pants and went out yesterday after work and planted at least...
  • Aug
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 12:04 PM.
    Well I thought I would toss out an update. Fall annual plots are looking good and the corn plots are as well. [ATTACH] Corn is over 8 feet tall and ears are growing nicely. [ATTACH] Planted some fall annual plots as well. I typically don't plant until Labor Day weekend, but we have been...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 8:26 AM.
    Well I went out to check the corn and plant some fall annual plots this weekend. I typically wait until Labor day to plant my fall annuals, but I hope to get more tuber growth by planting a little earlier this year. Anyway the "good corn" is doing well - it is tasseled and silking now....
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:16 AM.
    Well it was 2 weeks so I went out to take a look at how things had progressed. [ATTACH] Looked like I got pretty good results - there are a few places where I didn't overlap the spray but not a big deal. I knew I would have a few places like this, but as long as they are not real common it...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 9:14 AM.
    Plot was wet last weekend so I am spraying this weekend. You can see the weeds got a good jump on me but the corn still seems to be doing OK. [ATTACH] Hooked up my sprayer with a tank full of gly and went to work. [ATTACH] I spray at a 2% mixture (1 gallon of gly for 50 gallons of water)...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:32 AM.
    Well over the holiday weekend I went to check on my corn plot. You can see that the weeds are starting to become an issue so spraying the plot is the priority of this coming weekend. The corn is just at knee high to me (I'm a hair over 6' tall) so I still have some hope of this turning into...
  • j-bird
    Blog: j-bird's blog. By j-bird at 10:02 AM.
    Went out over the weekend and took a few pics of my corn. Not sure I'm going to make the "knee high by 4th of july" guideline. [ATTACH]